Protection of refugee accommodations

We support governments at all levels as well as municipalities in the protection of refugee accommodations. We select our employees carefully. They have a high level of intercultural competence and a deep understanding of the situation and origins of the residents. This distinguishes us from many other private security companies.

Protection by in-store detectives and doormen

Some businesses are more prone to theft than others. This applies to supermarkets and jewelers, for example, or retailers and shops in large shopping centers. Our in-store detectives keep a hidden eye on possible culprits and prevent theft. Even a doorman at the entrance is a deterrent to potential thieves, simply because of their unmistakable presence. We will be happy to advise you personally which solution is best for you.

Protection of construction sites

Construction sites are an attractive target for thieves. After all, valuable tools, materials, and fuel for machines are stored there. We guard and protect your construction site and its assets against theft and vandalism. For example, with access controls (if necessary including personal screening and bag inspection). With patrols and/or closing rounds for construction containers. With security guards. Or through temporary burglar alarm and video systems.

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